Who We Are

Soccermond, is a website which was created approximately three years ago. My name is Terry Acevedo, I am 27 years old and I am the creator of the page. It was a project that was born with a lot of effort.

I have always been in love with soccer, since childhood it is my passion, and although I did not have the opportunity to play professionally, I wanted to get involved in something that is related to it.

That is why it came to my mind to create a page dedicated to soccer. But there are many pages, where you can find content about it, so I also wanted to cover the issue of betting and like that, you can know everything about betting on this sport.

The objective is to provide relevant information for all of you and to help you, especially with bets, giving you tools and techniques to apply, to take advantage and earn additional money. Soccer, is such a popular sport and bets have also gained great recognition thanks to it. Even now, it is more accessible to enter the internet and make your bets online.

Here, you can find everything about the bets you can make on the most important soccer leagues in the world, but you will also find a lot of information about this sport in general, from informative articles, news, facts, critics, to matches and much more on all the leagues and competitions of soccer around the world.

If you are a soccer fan, without doubt, this is your ideal page. Don’t forget to join our community to keep up with the news all the time.