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Copa Libertadores Teams

5 Teams to Bet on Copa dos Libertadores 2019

Soccer in Latin America is one of the main passions’ sports, so the Copa Libertadores is among the most important soccer events in the continent reaching millions of people, many of whom bet during parties celebrating the different phases in which the cup has to be played.

Many bettors are already preparing to bet on the different teams that will participate in this 2019 edition. As bookmakers get ready to see who will be the bettors’ favorite teams, we decided to offer you a list of five main teams to bet on for this year’s Copa Libertadores.

Boca Juniors

Being one of the finalist teams of the last years Copa, they are one of the favorites to be bet on. Additionally, Boca Juniors has been the winner of the Argentine Superliga 2017-2018, and also comes very hungry to win the Copa Libertadores after that fateful defeat in the controversial final at the Santiago Bernabeu, against River Plate. Many people are expected to bet on Boca in this next version of the biggest Cup in America.


The Palmeiras team is also among the main favorites, when it comes to betting, because it is a Brazilian team, and they are very strong upon facing other teams. In addition to all this, Palmeiras is a team that last year was halfway into the cup, when it was eliminated in the semifinal against Boca Juniors, so they are expected to come this year with more strength.

Sao Paulo

The Brazilian team of Sao Paulo has many chances of winning, and we will see many bettors choosing them during all the matches played within this competition. This is because the technician, Luis Felipe Scolari, has led this team to be very strong and proficient in, both defensive and offensive. It also has quality players who have earned the affection of the fans with every game.

River Plate

This Argentinian team will be one of those that bettors all around will massively place their bets on, due to the favoritism that this team has always had, as one of the main Argentinian representatives, against all Latin American soccer teams. They come from winning the Copa Libertadores last year, so they will probably come to win for the second time in a row.

Universidad de Chile

This Chilean team is certainly one with a lot of claw, besides being one of the main representatives of the world at an international level, in various competitions. It can be placed in the bets because it is a team that has a very good staff and a good technical organization, so you have enough to get far in this competition.

These teams will be the main ones placed in the bets, so we will be prepared to take them well into account.

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